A fresh approach to corporate catering and events


Make your breakfast meeting memorable with trays of baked goods and fruit, hot bacon and eggs or breakfast burritos.

We get up early to prepare your fresh breakfast. We squeeze your fresh orange juice and receive baked products daily from 6-7 different local bakeries. We are constantly on the look out for great products and new twists for our breakfast preparation.

UBER: Ultimate Breakfast Round.

We are always watching and keeping ahead of food trends. Try our new Yogurt Parfaits and "uber cookies", a cookie form of a high Protein granola.

Our B&E breakfast

Bacon and eggs delivered to you so early, we feel like we're "breaking & entering" - in a good way! Ask us for anything you'd like to add to The B&E (like pancakes or home fries). Wait 'til you try Michael's home fries!

Price Per Serving Quantity
Pancake Breakfast
Pancake Breakfast

For a limited time only, indulge in our Pancake Breakfast which includes:

  • 2 Pancakes
  • 1 French Toast or Waffle per serving
  • Bacon and/or Sausage
  • House made Whipped Cream, Berry Coulis, Syrup and Butter
  • Fresh Fruit Salad

$13.00 Min 8
Breakfast Basket
Breakfast Basket

Our Breakfast Baskets contain a selection of mini croissants, danish, bagels and muffins (2pcs. per person) with cream cheese, preserves and fresh fruit skewer.

$6.25 Min 6
Breakfast Basket without Fruit
Not So Sweet Breakfast Basket

We leave the sweet stuff out... substituting Spinach Danish, Breakfast loaves and Brioche.

$6.25 Min 6
Not So Sweet Breakfast Basket without Fruit
$5.00 Min 6
Basket of Bagels

With cream cheese, preserves and a fruit skewer.

$4.75 Min 6
Basket of Muffins

With cream cheese, preserves and a fruit skewer.

$4.75 Min 6
Fresh Fruit Tray
Fresh Fruit Tray
$5.00 Min 6
Fresh Fruit Salad
$5.00 Min 6
Small container of Low Fat Yogurt
$1.75 Min 6
Granola, Fruit Salad and Yogurt
$7.75 Min 5
Yogurt Parfait
Yogurt Parfait
$4.50 Min 5
B&E Breakfast

Eggs, bacon or sausage, home fries, baked beans, bagel basket & preserves, with a fruit garnish

$14.50 Min 10
Hot Back Bacon on a Bun
$7.50 Min 10
Mini Breakfast Burritos

Western style with sour cream and salsa. 2 Burritos per person.

$5.95 Min 10
Smoked Salmon Platter
Smoked Salmon Platter

With mini bagels & traditional garnish.

$9.50 Min 5

Croissant, Danish or Muffin, Small Fresh Fruit Salad, Yogurt, Juice

$9.95 Min 6
Price Per Serving Quantity
Coffee Carafe
Carafe of Coffee

2 litre carafe of Coffee, with eco-friendly cups, cream, milk & sugar

$25.00 Min 1
Decafe Coffee

2 litre carafe of Decafe Coffee, with eco-friendly cups, cream, milk & sugar

$25.00 Min 1

2 litre carafe of brewed Tea with cups, milk & sugar

$25.00 Min 1
Orange Juice

1 litre of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice - Serves 4-5

$14.50 Min 1
Soft drinks

Individual Serving

$2.00 Min 1
Diet Soft drinks

Individual Serving

$2.00 Min 1
Bottled Juice

Individual Serving

$2.00 Min 1
Bottled Water

Individual Serving

$1.50 Min 1
Iced Tea


$2.50 Min 1


$2.50 Min 1


$2.50 Min 1

Eco-friendly Disposable Plates & Cutlery - Per Person

We chose not to build in the price of disposables into our product prices as many of our clients have their own china, and we offer fully compostable plates, knives, forks and cups

$1.25 Min 1

Plates & Napkins for Breakfast, Light Lunches or Snacks

Our eco-friendly disposables are made from a composite of cornstarch and a by-product of sugar cane (that used to be burned) which will fully disintegrate when composted

$0.50 Min 1

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