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Due to the current developments surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, Corporate Cravings has chosen to temporarily halt regular business operations. We are still able to assist with catering services with appropriate notice by email to admin@corporatecravings.com. We ask that at least 48 hours notice of catering services be provided.

We thank all of you for your understanding during these uncertain times and look forward to being able to open with regular business hours again as soon as this clears! In the meantime, enjoy the time with your families and remember to wash your hands!

- Corporate Cravings Management

Cocktail Buffet & Snacks

If you are planning an corporate evening event, our Cocktail Buffet items are just the ticket!

We understand what a evening event in a corporate environment is supposed to look like. Our name says it all: we selected a very specific niche in catering and continue to refine our food and services as we have for the past 15 years. Varying degrees of sophistication and selection are accommodated through our personalized planning and delivery.

Please give us a call to help you plan your event as well as organizing all rentals, staffing of events and special requirements.

We have to admit, a lot of our offerings came not from a test kitchen, but our home kitchens. We love to cook, and eat; and many of our client's favourite items are our, and our family's favorites. This is real food for real people.

Breakout Snacks & Desserts

Please see the selections below. Except where noted, they are priced per person, minimum of 6 servings.
Please see our "Cocktail Buffet" section for more savory snacks. Specialty cakes & desserts available on request.

Price Per Serving Quantity
Vegetable Crudite
Fresh Vegetables and Dip
$4.50 Min 6
Assorted Cheese & Crackers with Fresh Fruit
Assorted Cheese & Crackers with Fresh Fruit
$5.50 Min 6
Tea Sandwiches

Per dozen

$17.50 Min 1
Assorted Sushi and Maki

48 pieces

$90.00 Min 1
Assorted Sushi, Sashimi and Maki Deluxe

62 pieces

$110.00 Min 1
Open Face Canapés

Per dozen

$25.00 Min 1
Premium selection of Fresh Fruit Tarts & Squares
$5.25 Min 6
Fresh baked basket of cookies
$2.25 Min 6
Premium Squares and Cookies
$4.00 Min 6
Assorted Dessert Squares and Cookies
$3.25 Min 6
Assorted Dessert Squares
$3.50 Min 6
Our cookies with fresh fruit skewers on the side
$3.75 Min 6
Fresh Fruit Tray
Fresh Fruit Tray
$5.00 Min 6
Fresh Fruit Salad
$5.00 Min 6

Cocktail Buffets

The following items are priced based on a medium sized platter unless indicated. Four or five selections will comfortably serve 20 to 30 people. Talk to our consultants to tailor a menu to your personal requirements. These items require two days notice so that we can ensure the quality is what you expect from Corporate Cravings.

Please give us a call to help you plan your event as well as organizing all rentals,
staffing of events and special requirements.

Price Per Platter Quantity
Vegetable Crudite
Vegetable Crudité
$45.00 Min 1
Fresh Fruit Skewers & Yogurt Dip
$45.00 Min 1
Prosciutto & Melon
$55.00 Min 1
Mediterranean Dips with Pita & Olives
$65.00 Min 1
Gourmet Cheese & Pate Tray
$90.00 Min 1
Tandoori, Teriyaki, or Basil Marinated Chicken Morsels with Dips
$50.00 Min 1
Beef Tenderloin with Charred Pearl Onion
$60.00 Min 1
Mini Thai Salad Rolls with Umai Dip (Vegetarian) - 30 pieces/order
$50.00 Min 1
Herbed Cheese Straws
$35.00 Min 1
Cajun Meatballs - (per round chaffer)
$50.00 Min 1
1 Kilo Baked Brie with Baguette, Dried Fruits & Berries
$65.00 Min 1
Marinated Jumbo Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce - (75 pieces/order)
$150.00 Min 1
Black Bean Sweet Corn Salsa
$50.00 Min 1
Assorted Tea Sandwiches - (3 dozen)
$52.50 Min 1
Open Faced Canapés - (3 dozen)
$75.00 Min 1
Chili / Apricot Glazed Lamb Chops
$90.00 Min 1
Mini Sliders with onion marmalade - (2 dozen)
$50.00 Min 1
Price Per Serving Quantity
Coffee Carafe
Carafe of Coffee

2 litre carafe of Coffee, with eco-friendly cups, cream, milk & sugar

$25.00 Min 1
Decafe Coffee

2 litre carafe of Decafe Coffee, with eco-friendly cups, cream, milk & sugar

$25.00 Min 1

2 litre carafe of brewed Tea with cups, milk & sugar

$25.00 Min 1
Orange Juice

1 litre of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice - Serves 4-5

$14.50 Min 1
Soft drinks

Individual Serving

$2.00 Min 1
Diet Soft drinks

Individual Serving

$2.00 Min 1
Bottled Juice

Individual Serving

$2.00 Min 1
Bottled Water

Individual Serving

$1.50 Min 1
Iced Tea


$2.50 Min 1


$2.50 Min 1
Ontarieau Sparkling Water

Locally Sourced Unsweetened Sparkling Spring Water available in plain or Unsweetened Ontario Strawberry

$2.50 Min 1

Eco-friendly Disposable Plates & Cutlery - Per Person

We chose not to build in the price of disposables into our product prices as many of our clients have their own china, and we offer fully compostable plates, knives, forks and cups

$1.25 Min 1

Plates & Napkins for Breakfast, Light Lunches or Snacks

Our eco-friendly disposables are made from a composite of cornstarch and a by-product of sugar cane (that used to be burned) which will fully disintegrate when composted

$0.50 Min 1

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